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CMM Machine Parts and Products

What’s a CMM, and what is it used for? CMM stands for coordinate measuring machine, and it can be used in a wide variety of applications across many different industries for accurate measurement. CMM machines play a pivotal role in applications such as quality assurance, ensuring measurement accuracy, and minimizing human error. Metrology Parts is pleased to offer quality CMM replacement parts, extension kits, and more to keep your CMM machines running at peak performance. Our offerings cater to various CMM solutions, including mechanical probes, laser probes, and other types of CMM parts.

CMM machines measure the distance between two coordinates on a 3D object. They can use different types of sensors or probes to accomplish a CMM inspection, including mechanical, laser, optical and white light. The probes may be controlled via computer or manually controlled, depending on the type of CMM machine you are using.

CMM technology can be used for many applications, including inspection and quality control, reverse engineering, or even to get the most precise measurement of parts you need to manufacture so that there is less excess scrap material produced by your operations.

When you have all the right parts, using CMM to study and measure products made by other companies in your industry can help you go far to gain a competitive edge. Some of the many industries that use and benefit from CMM machines and their high-precision measurements include aerospace, automotive, aviation, energy and power, forensics, heavy machinery, medical, high tech and even fashion and jewelry design.

The high quality CMM parts that you can order online from Metrology Parts include items such as touch probes, DCC servo boards and more. Buying parts online allows you to do your own repairs to your CMM devices, saving you time and money. Not only can you avoid excess downtime with our one-day shipping on replacement parts, but you can expand the capabilities of your CMM machines with our extension kits.

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