Video Measuring Machines

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What is a Video Measuring Machine?

An Optical Video measuring machine (VMM) combines advanced computer software and optical technology to measure the surface shape, angle, size and position of complex machine parts to produce very precise graphic images of these parts. The images can then be used to provide accurate engineering drawings for mechanical production or 3D printing.

It can measure linear sizes of lines, angles, rectangles and tangents; the system can also provide accurate geometrical sizes related to how flat, parallel, concentric or symmetric an object is, to guarantee the parts fit properly within a larger machine. A VMM is also known in some areas as a Vision Measurement System or a profile projector.

Benefits of a Vision Measuring Machine

A Vision Measuring Machine offers a company a wide range of benefits. The most obvious advantage to using a VMM is that it allows for more precise measurement than the human eye can accomplish. Used on a production line, for example, a VMM can inspect thousands of parts per minute. Other benefits of a Vision Measurement System are:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased productivity

  • Increased quality of parts

Measuring Sensors and Other Components of a VMM

In its most simple descriptions, a video measuring machine has just three main components: a high-precision optical camera that can produce a CCD digital image; a software program that can discern spatial geometric measurements; and a precision mechanical platform.

Depending on the brand, a vision measuring machine may use different measuring sensors, whether through an optical zoom lens/CCD camera, a laser sensor that can better measure the dimensions of glass or other transparent material, or a touch probe that can provide a 3D series of measurements on the Z-axis.

There are generally three different types of VMM movement modes:

  • Manual: The operator must manually move the X-,Y-, and Z-axis
  • Semi Automatic: While the operator manually manipulates the X- and Y-axes, the Z-axis is motorized
  • Automatic: All three axes are operated with a motor

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