Precision Measuring Tools

If your industry requires precise measurements to produce quality results that meet the standards in your field, then we have the metrology equipment and parts that you’re looking for. Whether you work in engineering, science, electronics or architecture, we have a wide range of precision measuring tools that will keep making your job easier. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and we are experts that will help you make the right decisions for your purchases.

When a precise measurement is critical to your job, then you need to have just the right metrology tools to help you to be a leader in your market. We only sell the best metrology products in the business, so you can rest assured you’re buying long-lasting tools that deliver ultimate accuracy and get the most for your investment. Our inventory includes big-name leaders like Mahr, Mitutoyo and Renishaw, who are all brands you can trust.

If you’re in the market for precision measuring tools, then take a look at our great products for sale. We have a new Mitutoyo Surftest to check the roughness and surface finish of your product, and it comes with a warranty like many of our precision measuring tool products do. Also in the Mitutoyo line, we carry the optical comparator profile projector lens set and the cera caliper checker calibration artifact, complete with a 90-day warranty.

We also have excellent Mahr products too, like a federal pocket surf 3 to check your products surface quality and measurements. If you’re looking for a Mahr PS1 that’s new and comes with a warranty, then we have that too. Mahr has been in business for more than 150 years and is a brand you can always rely on.

Whether you are searching for a surface tester or something else, just contact our experienced staff with any metrology tool questions. We can help you compare tools and work with your budget to find you exactly what you need. Our inventory covers a variety of metrology products like CMM and VMM probing systems, coordinating measuring machine parts and machine tool probing systems. We also carry surface and roundness machines, and video measuring machines and parts.

It's our business to keep your business in great shape. Explore our top-of-the-line precision measurement tools to help increase productivity and grow your business. Our tools are the ultimate in precision, ensuring accurate measurements and providing the ultimate accuracy you seek.

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