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Coordinate Measuring Machines

CMM Machines For Measurements And Surveys

CMM machines, or coordinate measurement machines, are used to measure devices or products that you would like to copy or understand. They give you a precise measurement of the distance between two points on a 3D object, which makes them the ideal devices to use for quality inspection or when you need to reverse engineer a part from a competitor’s product or study an object in-depth. CMM machines can also help you save money on your production costs for any new product you plan to manufacture.

The Many Uses of CMM Machines

A CMM machine is a device that can be used in reverse engineering. When your business wants to understand the competition’s products, your R&D staff can use these devices to take precise measurements of the products under consideration.

This is for those situations when you do not need the macro measurements that you would get from a ruler, but rather the microscopic measurements that tell you the size of various components down to the fraction of a centimeter. When you have these measurements, you can proceed with your project with the utmost confidence.

Accuracy and Versatility

Available in many sizes, CMM machines can perform many different types of measurements. Some look like microscopes from a lab, but there are others that can accommodate much larger projects. Touch probes, also called touch-trigger probes, are used with CMM machines to measure surfaces that are difficult to image or to capture on video.

CMM machines are ideal for use in scientific work as well as in reverse engineering. When you have studied a competitor’s device down to the smallest measurements, it’s easier to determine how to create your own version of it that will not infringe any patents.

No matter what industry you’re in, using CMM machines can help you in many ways -- from improving visual simulation to cutting down on the amount of scrap material your operation produces. Shop with us today for CMM machines and parts such as DCC servo control boards for your existing machines.

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