Renishaw RSP3-3 RSH3-3 PA25-RSH3 REVO Probe Kit 3D Scanning for CMM New - 1 Year Warranty A-3060-0333

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Renishaw REVO RSP3-3 RSH3-3 PA25-RSH3 REVO PROBE KIT New with 1 Year Warranty.

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REVO-2 System Description

REVO-2 is a dynamic measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. It is a revolutionary product designed to maximise measurement throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

Unlike conventional scanning methods which rely on speeding up the motion of the CMM axes to allow them to measure faster, REVO-2 uses the head motion for most of the motion needed during fast measurement, leaving the CMM for slow linear motion, hence minimising dynamic errors.

UCCserver is software that accompanies the Renishaw UCC family of controllers. It is used for tasks such as sensor calibration and organization as stipulated by the I++ DME protocol.

REVO RSP3 3D Scanning Probes

RSP3 provides the REVO® system with 3D-scanning (x,y,z) and crank stylus capabilities.

RSP3 complements the RSP2 probe, providing the REVO system with 3D-scanning (x,y,z) and crank stylus capabilities. It is used for 3-axis scanning, such as with a fixed REVO head angle during measurement. The RSP3 range of probes allow different lengths of stylus to be used whilst maintaining optimum metrology performance.

The RSP3 range of 3D scanning probes gives REVO-2 the ability to carry cranked stylus arrangements and enhanced capability for carrying long styli

Design Principles of the RSP3 Scanning Probes

RSP3 uses an optical transducer sensor and a pivoting motion system similar to that found in SP25M system.

The probe's pivoting motion system has two diaphragm springs. One of the RSP3 springs allows movement in all directions whilst the other (pivot) spring is stiff in (probe) X and Y, but allows movement in Z. Its optical transducer sensor system has two infrared light emitting diodes that project invisible infrared beams on mirrors mounted on the pivoting moving structure within the probe. The mirrors focus the beams back onto two position sensitive devices (PSDs) which provide signal outputs in the three probe axes: p,q,r (converted into X, Y, Z signals by the calibration routine).

Unlike the SP25M, the RSP3's probe and module elements are built as one.

RSH3-3 Stylus Holder for RSP3-3

The RSH3 range of stylus holders enables accurate scanning measurements with effective stylus lengths ranging from 20 mm - 394 mm. They have a kinematic coupling that connects to their respective RSP3 scanning probe to provide a repeatable connection that eliminates the need for probe requalification after a change. The stylus holders are designed to only fit with their respective RSP3 probe. They should be used with Renishaws M3 range of styli.


RSP3-# Changing System

The RCP TC-2 (thermally controlled REVO-2 change port) is used for changing RSP3-1 / 2 / 3 / 4. RCP TC-3 is used for changing RSP3-6. The FCR25 (flexible change rack) is configured to change SH25-# or the newer RSH3-# stylus holders. RSH3-6# stylus holders should be changed using RCP2.

  • The RSP3-1 / 2 / 3 / 4 probes can be used for both 3D-scanning (X, Y, Z) and touch-trigger applications
  • They enable accurate scanning measurement with effective stylus lengths ranging from 20 mm - 394 mm
  • The RSP3 range uses 3-axis scanning with fixed REVO-2 head angles during measurement
  • RSH3 stylus holders are intended to fit only with their respective RSP3 probe


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