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Renishaw Probes and Probe Systems

Renishaw has been providing products for leading manufacturing companies for more than three decades. It specializes in producing probe systems that are used in CMM and CNC machine tools.

We have a varied selection of new and slightly used machine tool probe systems, parts, and extensions, including CMM scanning modules, module changing racks, and manually indexable CMM probe heads. We also sell a variety of Renishaw machine tool styli and other quality products to speed up your manufacturing processes and accurately machine products for your clients.

Uses and Purpose of Renishaw Machine Tool Probes

A Renishaw machine tool probe can help increase the efficiency of your machine tools and improve production quality and output. The Renishaw probing system greatly reduces setup time, part alignment and offset calculations. The probing systems can also measure the surface dimensions of your products to ensure that they meet the size and configuration you need. They can also verify the dimensions of your final products before you ship them to your clients.

Renishaw probing systems are most often used to:

  • Identify/set-up machining parts
  • Measure dimensions and sizes of products during production
  • Inspect products during the machining process (quality control)
  • Verify dimensions of the final product

Benefits of Using a Renishaw Inspection Probe

Renishaw probing systems ensure that your manufactured products are machined quickly while maintaining industry standards. Most inspection probes can be easily mounted on your machining or turning centers, guaranteeing a higher quality product since you can gauge and inspect pieces in-cycle. The most obvious benefits of using a Renishaw inspection probe for your machining processes include:

  • Increased productivity and output
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Elimination of human error during the inspection process
  • Less waste/scrap
  • Automated offset corrections
  • Broken tool detection

Why Choose Metrology Parts for Your Renishaw Needs

We have an ever-growing selection of new, lightly used, and showroom display Renishaw machine tool probes and probing systems to choose from, including touch probes, scanning probes, receivers, shanks and styli. Our products are always priced competitively, and we offer the most generous warranty in the industry.

Metrology Parts has been providing metrology services and products for the manufacturing industry for more than 36 years. Not only do we sell the products you need to improve the efficiency and quality of your machined products, we also have a thorough knowledge of the industry and the products we sell, so we can provide troubleshooting or set-up/installation assistance when you need it.

We ship our products by UPS to companies all over the globe, with next-day air options available if you order before 3 p.m. Central Standard Time.

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