Renishaw OMM-2C Optical Machine Module New with 1 Year Warranty

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Country Of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM


Model:   OMM-2C 

MPN:   A-5991-0001



Item Description

Renishaw OMM-2C Optical Machine Module Standard Kit New with 1 Year Warranty. 

OMM-2C Introduction

CNC machine tools using Renishaw spindle probes with optical signal transmission for workpiece inspection, or tool setters with optical signal transmission, require an interface system to convert the signals from the probe into voltage-free solid state relay (SSR) outputs for transmission to the CNC machine controller.

Typically installed within the CNC machine controller’s cabinet and located away from sources of interference such as transformers and motor controls, the OSI can draw its power from the machine’s nominal 12 Vdc to 30 Vdc supply.

System Introduction
Ensure the machine tool is in a safe condition and power is removed before removing 
covers. Only qualified persons should adjust switches. The OMM-2C should be mounted as near to the machine spindle as possible (as shown above). When mounting the OMM-2C, it is important that the sealing ring forms a tight seal around the rim of the bore into which the body of the OMM-2C is to be located. 

CAUTION: Make sure the sealing ring and air fitting screw (if applicable) are clean and lubricated prior to being mounted in the machine spindle. 

NOTE: Do not overtighten the mounting screw. Maximum torque is 1.5 Nm (1.11 lbf.ft.). The OSI has an input voltage range of 12 Vdc to 30 Vdc. The supply is protected by a 1.1 A self- resetting fuse (the current, when connected to an OMM-2C, is either 400 mA max. @ 12 V or 200 mA max. @ 24 V with tandem OMM-2C). To reset the fuse, remove the power then identify and rectify the cause of the fault.

The OSI can be used with either a single or tandem OMM-2C configuration, housed within the machining environment. The OMM-2C is an optical receiver designed for fitment in the machine spindle. It transmits control signals to the spindle probe or tool setter, and receives probe data signals for onward transmission to the OSI and CNC controller. Power is supplied from the OSI interface. Visual indication of system status is provided via the LEDs located on the OMM-2C.

The OSI with OMM-2C system operates using a ‘modulated’ optical transmission mode and is compatible with machine probes that also operate in ‘modulated’ mode. When in operation, the OMM-2C displays its present status via three multi-coloured LEDs located behind the front window


Performance Envelope of OMM-2C with OTS 

Reflective surfaces within the machine cabinet may increase the signal transmission range. Coolant residue accumulating on the windows of the OMM-2C and OTS will have a detrimental effect on transmission performance. Wipe the windows clean as often as necessary to maintain unrestricted transmission. 

For best system performance, ensure the OMM-2C is mounted in a position which is not directly in front of a light source. The probe system should be positioned so that the signal transmission is maintained when the OTS is positioned below the machine spindle. 

The OTS and OMM-2C may deviate from the optical centre line, provided opposing light cones always overlap, with transmitters and receivers in the other’s field of view (eye-to-eye). In multiple probe mode applications, OTS may be configured as Probe 1, Probe 2 or Probe 3. 

CAUTION: If two systems are operating in close proximity, take care to ensure that the signals transmitted from the OTS on one machine are not received by the OMM-2C on another machine and vice versa. When this is found to be the case it is recommended that the OTS low power setting is selected. 

Performance Envelope - Machine Tool Probes

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