Renishaw OMM-2 Optical Machine Tool Receiver & OSI Kit New - 1 Year Warranty A-5492-0051 A-5492-2000

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Country of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM


Model:   OMM-2 OSI

MPN:   A-5492-0051 A-5492-2000



Item Description

Renishaw OMM-2 Optical Machine Tool Receiver 25M & OSI Kit New with 1 Year Warranty.


Renishaw List Price $2109.00 

OSI with OMM-2 Optical Interface System 

The new OSI, in conjunction with OMM-2, enables up to three touch probes or tool setters to be used in various combinations.  

The OSI with OMM-2 is a multiple optical probe interface system. The OSI is designed to be installed within the CNC machine controller’s cabinet and be used with either a single or tandem OMM-2 configuration, housed within the machine’s working envelope.

The OSI with OMM-2 system operates using a ‘modulated’ optical transmission mode and is compatible with machine probes that also operate in ‘modulated’ mode.

The OSI with OMM-2 system is user configurable for operation in either single probe mode or multiple probe mode. 

renishaw-omm-2-optical-machine-tool-receiver-multiple-probe-parts-dimensions-.jpeg renishaw-omm-2-optical-machine-tool-receiver-multiple-probe-parts-specification-.jpeg


Multiple Probe System

In multiple probe mode the system is capable of operating three compatible probes sequentially.

Single or Tandem OMM-2

Tandem OMM-2 is ideal for applications with either long spindle movements, or partitioned machining areas.

Modulated Transmission

Effects of light interference are reduced which in some circumstances could cause false trigger signals.

Visible Probe Diagnostic LEDs

LEDs on OMM-2 provide a visual indication of system status and identify the active probe.

Mounting Bracket

The optional mounting bracket allows directional setting of the OMM-2.

Range Selection

User Configurable Outputs

Probe status 1 SSR Probe status 2 SSR Error 1 SSR
Low battery SSR

NO / NC pulsed / level NO / NC pulsed / level NO / NC

Level mode: which requires a dedicated level output per probe.

Common start mode / pulsed output. Common start mode / level output.

Start (Tx)
Reception (RX)
Both factory set to 100%

50% or 100% 50% or 100%

Start input (machine output)

In single probe mode the interface will operate with either a pulsed or level machine output.

In multiple probe mode, two or three probes can be operated using either two or three machine outputs. If two machine outputs (for three probes) are used, a coded turn on technique is used to turn on / turn off the selected probe.

To allow for a delay between machine outputs, three user- selectable options (10 ms, 50 ms and 100 ms) are provided to allow for machine variation.

renishaw-omm-2-optical-machine-tool-receiver-multiple-probe-parts-osi-dimensions-.jpeg renishaw-omm-2-optical-machine-tool-receiver-multiple-probe-parts-osi-specification-.jpeg


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