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Renishaw M2 Ø1 MM Ruby Spherically Ended Cylinder Styli, L 15 MM New With 1 Year Warranty A-5000-8876

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Product Description


New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging.



Country of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM

Brand:    RENISHAW


MPN:   A-5000-8876



Item Description

Renishaw M2 Ø1 MM Ruby Spherically Ended Cylinder, Stainless Steel Stem, L 15 MM New With 1 Year Warranty.




Renishaw List Price $185.00


Technical table

Thread M2
Stem material Stainless steel
Tip material Ruby
Cylinder dia 1 mm


A few simple rules can be applied to maximize accuracy for most probing applications.  


Stylus Selection Checklist 

*   Always use styli that are as short and stable as possible.

*    Ensure that long stylus components have the required stability.

*    Check that the styli you use have no defects, particularly to the thread and the contact area.

*    If you are getting variations in data, check that the probe component is firmly attached.

*   Always replace worn styli.

*    Use components that are thermally stable?

*    Consider the ambient conditions.

*    When putting together stylus configurations, refer to the permitted masses as specified by the sensor manufacturer.

*    Avoid too many or unnecessary thread connections.

*    Use the lowest possible number of separate components.

*    Do you have scanning applications? Take advantage of the benefits offered by silicon nitride balls when scanning aluminium!

*    Use the largest possible balls. Large ball styli act as mechanical filters on the surface of the work piece. The fine structures on the surface of the work piece are scarcely recorded with large balls, which prevents random measurement variations (flyers).

*    Styli should always be aligned at right-angles, or as close to a right angle as possible, to the planes being measured. For angled measuring planes, angled cubes and knuckles are available to ensure that styli are accurately aligned. The same applies when measuring angled bores.

*    Ensure that the measuring force and dynamics suit the stylus components. With small ball styli with a slim stem, you should reduce these values when necessary.


Cylinder Styli Application / Purpose

For measuring sheet metal, pressed components and thin work pieces with which proper contact cannot be guaranteed with ball styli.

In addition, various threaded features can be probed and the centres of tapped holes located.

Ball-ended cylinder styli allow full datuming and probing in X, Y and Z directions, thus allowing surface inspection to be performed.

Equivalent to Mitutoyo part number: K651034

Equivalent to Q-Mark part number: TM2-1015-B  


A = cylinder diameter = 1 MM

B = overall length = 15 MM 

C = thread size = M2


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