Renishaw M4 Carbon Fiber Machine Tool Stylus New With 1 Year Warranty A-5003-1075

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Product Description


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Country of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM

Brand:    RENISHAW


MPN:   A-5003-1075



Item Description

Renishaw HAAS MAZAK M4 Ø6 mm Ruby Ball, Carbon Fibre Stem, L 200 mm Machine Tool Stylus New With 1 Year Warranty.



Renishaw Retail Price $289.00


Straight Styli 

Straight styli are designed to inspect simple features where direct, unobstructed contact with a measured surface is possible. A carbon fibre stem is very lightweight and ideal for applications where weight is critical. Ruby is regarded as the industry standard for stylus tips. It is one of the hardest materials available and suitable for most applications. Due to adhesive pickup, ruby tips are not recommended for scanning aluminium parts.

 Styli Breakdown

A few simple rules can be applied to maximize accuracy for most probing applications.   


Technical table

Thread M4
Ball dia 6 mm
Stem material Carbon fibre
Tip material Ruby
Holder material Stainless steel
Centre styli N


A = Ball Dia.= 6.0 (0.24)

B = Length = 200.0 (7.88)

C = Stem Dia. = 4.5 (0.18)

D =EWL = 188.5 (7.42) 

Overall length

Renishaw uses a standard description of overall length, measured from the rear mounting face of the stylus to the centre of the ball. 

Effective working length (EWL)

This is measured from the centre of the ball to the point at which the stem will foul against the feature when measuring 'normal' to the part.  

Rules for choosing a stylus

A few simple rules for stylus selection can be applied to maximize accuracy for most probing applications  


Keep styli short

The more the stylus bends or deflects, the lower the accuracy. Probing with the minimum stylus length for your application is the best option.  

Minimise joints

Every time you join styli and extensions, you introduce potential bending and deflection points. Try, wherever possible, to keep to the minimum number of pieces possible for your application.

Keep the stylus ball as large as possible

There are several reasons for this:

  • it maximises your ball/stem clearance, thereby reducing the chance of false triggers caused by 'shanking out' on the stylus stem, and increasing the EWL;
  • a larger ball allows a larger stem diameter, increasing the stiffness of the stylus;
  • the larger ruby ball reduces the effect of the surface finish of the component being inspected.

EWL can also be affected by assembly tolerances. For this reason Renishaw styli are assembled to exacting standards in controlled conditions.


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