Renishaw CMM Stylus Kit 206 For M2 Probes 90 Day Warranty A-6560-7524

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Product Description


New & Used



Country of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM



MPN:   A-6560-7524




Item Description:

Renishaw Kit 206 with New and Used Styli fully tested with 90 Day Warranty.



What is a Stylus?

In principle, styli are the CMM’s “tools”, providing the same relationship that turning tools have with lathes, and milling and boring tools have with milling machines.

When measuring with a touch-trigger probe, the machine uses the stylus to take the data points on the surface of the work piece.

Each touch generates a point that is defined using coordinate values in X, Y and Z. Feature, size, form and position can then be computed from these points.

By contrast a scanning probe takes continuous readings along the surface of a work piece. Sophisticated software uses this data to compute the size, position and form of features on the component. 

Connecting Thread

At a basic level, the choice of stylus always
relates to the connecting thread on your
coordinate measuring machine’s sensor – M5 usually M2, M3, M4 or M5.

Renishaw sensors work with connecting
threads. M4

Zeiss sensors mainly work with M5 and M3 connecting threads.


Styli can be used very flexibly with the
help of thread adaptors
e.g. you can use M2/M3/M4 styli on M5
sensor connecting threads. M2 

Disc Styli

These styli are ‘sections’ of highly spherical balls and are available in various diameters and thicknesses. Mounted on a threaded spigot, the discs are made from steel, ceramic or ruby. Full rotational adjustment and the ability to add a centre stylus are features of the range. This makes them particularly flexible and easy to use.

Main application:

These styli are used to probe undercuts and grooves within bores, which may be inaccessible to star styli. Probing with
the ‘spherical edge’ of a simple disc is effectively the same as probing on or about the equator of a large stylus ball. However, only a small area of this ball surface is available for contact and hence thinner discs require angular alignment in order

to ensure correct contact with the feature being probed.

Disc stylus for measuring edges or undercuts

The edges of all discs are curved, as though a section had been cut out of a sphere at its equator.

Semi-spherical disc styli

These styli have a half-ball, or roller, mounted on each face of the disc, both beneath and on top, which guarantees point contact in the Z direction.

Main application:

Also for undercuts, stepped bores
and grooves within bores. Using the hemispheres above and below you can also measure in the Z direction e.g. to measure the width of a groove.

Measurement of diameter and width of the groove




Ceramic hemispherical styli

Their advantage is that they have a large effective ball diameter with minimal weight.

Main application:

For measuring deep features and bores. Suitable also for contact with rough surfaces, as the roughness is mechanically filtered out by the large diameter surface.

Measurement of a deep threaded bore

Probing with such a large diameter ball can average out the effects of very rough surface


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