Renishaw RMP60 Probe & HSK A+C 63 Shank Display Model

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New/Display Model

Product Description


New – No box/Display Model: An item in excellent, new condition with no functional defects. The item is missing the original packaging and was used for demo purposes. The probe & shank come with a 6 Month Warranty.



Country of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM


Model:   RMP60 HSK A+C 63

MPN:   A-5742-0001 M-2045-0188



Item Description

Renishaw RMP60 Probe & HSK A+C 63 Shank Display Model with 6 Month Warranty.


RMP60 Probe (radio/radio) (Q)

Configurable to radio/time, spin/spin, spin/time or (shank). The RMP60 is a compact spindle probe with radio signal transmission and offers automated part set-up and in-cycle gauging on machining centres including 5-axis machines. The RMP60 combines Renishaw’s traditional kinematic resistive probe mechanism with a secure and unique frequency hopping transmission protocol; ideal for the modern machine shop and harsh environments where line-of-sight between probe and interface is not always possible.

Technical Table

Transmission Type Radio


Key Features and Benefits:

Proven kinematic design
 Secure frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband – compliant with radio regulations in all major markets
Compact design
Various activation options and adjustable trigger force
1.00 µm 2σ repeatability


About RMP60

RMP60 is part of a new generation of radio transmission part probing system, ideally suited to large machining centres or where line-of-sight between probe and receiver is difficult to achieve.

RMP60 features an integrated probe module delivering exceptional robustness and generous overtravel.

RMP60 complies with FCC regulations and operates in the 2.4 GHz band. It delivers interference-free transmission through the use of FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum). This allows many systems to operate in the same machine shop without risk of cross-talk.

The RMI integrated interface/receiver is used to communicate between the RMP60 probe and the machine control. The probe may be activated by RF signal initiated by an M-code, spinning or shank switch. 

HSK Shank: Shank Specification DIN 69893 HSK Form A+C 63

This shank is designed to secure the probe into an HSK A+C 63 machine tool spindle. Shank gauge length 53.00 mm (2.087 inches), and it is suitable for OSP60, OMP60, RMP60 and RMP600 (when not used in shank switch configuration).

Technical Table

Gauge Length A (mm) 53
HSK A+C 63
Shank Type HSK


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