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Renishaw RMI-Q Rear Exit Radio CNC Machine Tool Interface New with 1 Year Warranty A-5687-0060

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Product Description


New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging



Country Of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM



MPN:   A-5687-0060



Item Description

Renishaw RMI-Q 15M Radio Machine Tool Interface New with 1 Year Warranty.


Renishaw List Price $2815.00


Technical Table

Transmission Type


This RMI-Q Interface includes an 15m rear exit cable with a user guide and tool kit. 

A combined transmitter, receiver and interface unit that enables individual radio turn on and operation of up to four separate Renishaw radio probes. This permits numerous combinations of radio probes and/or radio tool setters to be used on the same machine tool. It is designed to be mounted anywhere within the machine’s working envelope, resulting in a quick and simple installation. Unlike the optical transmission systems, line-of-sight between the probe and receiver is not necessary. Use of the RMI-Q with multiple Renishaw radio probes is ideal for retrofitting to existing machines.

 renishaw-rmi-q-interface-machine-tool-probe-parts-specification-.jpeg renishaw-rmi-q-rear-exit-machine-tool-interface-parts-dimensions-.jpeg

Key Features and Benefits:

Up to four probes with one interface and receiver unit
• Globally available 2.4 GHz frequency band – compliant with radio regulations in all major markets
• Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission
• Negligible interference from other radio sources means consistent and reliable performance
• Multiple Renishaw radio probes will co-exist within the widest machining environment
• Robust, long range communications make RMI-Q ideal for larger machines

 CNC machine tools which are using Renishaw spindle probes with radio signal transmission for workpiece inspection, or tool setters with radio signal transmission, require a Renishaw radio machine interface (such as the RMI-Q) for signal transmission. The RMI-Q, which acts as a combined radio transceiver and machine interface, converts signals from the RMP into voltage-free solid state relay (SSR) and driven outputs for transmission to the CNC machine controller.

Application of the RMI-Q enables individual radio turn on and subsequent operation of up to four separate second-generation radio probes, permitting numerous combinations of radio inspection probes and/or radio tool setters to be used on the same machine tool.

RTS tool setters, and other second-generation radio probes, are easily identified by a ‘Q’ marking. First-generation radio probes, which do not have the ‘Q’ marking, may also be used with the RMI-Q. However, in machine tool applications where more than one radio probe is required, it is recommended that only second-generation radio probes are used. If a first-generation radio probe is used with the RMI-Q, any additional probes must be ‘Q’-marked second-generation radio probes.

Optimum communication performance between the RMI-Q and the radio probe is achieved when the RMI-Q is aligned towards the radio probe, both positioned within the machine working environment. Other alignments within the machine working environment are permissible with negligible reduction in communication performance.

Mounting of the RMI-Q outside of the machine working envelope is possible but should be avoided, as communication performance may be reduced. For details about signal status, see “SIGNAL LED” on

renishaw-rmi-q-machine-tool-interface-dimensions-performance-envelope-operating-switch-on-off-.jpeg renishaw-system-installation-rmi-q-machine-tool-interface-upgrade-.jpeg 


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