Renishaw HAAS LOGO Fanuc OMP40-2 Machine Tool Probe & CAT40 Shank 1 Year Warranty A-4071-2001 A-4071-0001

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Product Description


New – No Box: An item in excellent, new condition with no functional defects. This particular probe will not be in original packaging for it was taken from a WIPS Kit. The item includes accessories found with the original product.


Country Of Manufacture:   UNITED KINGDOM


Model:   OMP40-2 & CAT40 SHANK

MPN:   A-4071-2001 A-4071-0001 M-4071-0058


Item Description

Renishaw HAAS Logo OMP40-2 Probe Kit & CAT40 Shank New With 1 Year Warranty. 

OMP40-2 Compact Touch Probe
About OMP40-2
The OMP40 probe has been designed specifically to meet the demands of small machining centres and the growing family of high-speed machines fitted with small HSK and small taper spindles. OMP40-2 is available with modulated transmission for use with OMI-2OMI-2T and OMM-2 receivers, offering increased resistance to light interference.

* Performance specification is tested at a standard test velocity of 480 mm/min (18.9 in/min) with a 50 mm stylus. Significantly higher velocity ispossible depending on application requirements.

* Trigger force, which is critical in some applications, is the force exerted on the component by the stylus when the probe triggers. The maximum force applied will occur after the trigger point (overtravel). The force value depends on related variables, including measuring speed and machine deceleration.

* These are the factory settings; manual adjustment is not possible.

OMP40-2 System Options

OMP40-2 Software Options

The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for work piece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centres

EasyProbe - entry-level package for simple work piece set-up

Inspection - basic set-up and work piece inspection cycles, with automatic update of offsets

Inspection plus - an integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement

Productivity + Active Editor Pro - a PC-based software package with GUI, allowing the user to select 

    features directly from an imported CAD model, making the generation of probing cycles even easier.
CAT40 Shank 

Technical Table 


TAPER - 40


This shank is designed to secure the probe into a ANSI CAT B5-50 1985 ISO 40 taper machine tool spindle. Shank gauge length is 35.30 mm (1.390 inches), and it is suitable for OMP40 and OMP400 probes.           


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