Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Surface Finish/Roughness/Profilometer Display Model - 6 Month Warranty 178-565-02A

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* * *   This SJ-210 comes with a   * * * 

* * *   Transverse Tracing Drive Unit   * * * 


Display Model - No Box: An item in excellent condition with no functional defects. The item is missing the original packaging but includes accessories found with the original product and a 6 Month Warranty.



Country of Manufacture:   JAPAN


Model:   SJ-210

MPN:   178-565-02A



Item Description

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Portable Profilometer with a Transverse tracing drive unit (4mN type) Display Model with 6 Month Warranty.


Mitutoyo List Price $2680.00


Transverse Tracing Drive Unit 

Best suited for measurement of narrow, shrouded workpiece features such as crankshaft, EDM parts, etc.


Fundamentals of Surface Finish

Surface finish measurement has advanced considerably since the days of analog display devices measuring RMS (today called Rq) and visual comparison patches. Generally, today’s surface finish measurement equipment digitizes the signal from the stylus and digitally manipulates the surface information to provide an easily understood digital display result.

Because the surface information is in a digital format, it is easily manipulated by a microprocessor or computer to provide a vast array of information about a part’s surface finish, waviness, or even part contour, depending on the type of machine.

Part Prints Today Normally Have A Surface Finish Spec On The Drawing. Start Here When Deciding What Surface Finish Tester To Purchase.

Stating the obvious, if the print has an Ra finish spec, the surface finish tester must be able to test for Ra values. The next question to answer is whether you need or can use a portable unit, or if you require a benchtop unit due to the surface finish parameter, part staging requirements or feature measurement constraints.
The third question is whether you need a paper record, whether the surface parameter needs only a numerical digit or if it requires graphic output.

Portable testers will handle the lion’s share of surface finish testing requirements. Due to the complexity of surface finish, we will only look at portable surface testers and some of their components.


Stylus Types


Styli can be broadly categorized into skidded or skidless. Most portable testers use a skidded stylus. The diamond stylus tip normally has a 2μm or 5μm radius and a point angle of 60° or 90°.

Styli - Application Specifics

Styli are available in different configurations to fit the application, such as small bores and deep grooves. Styli also are available with a 90-degree bend to allow measurements of the bearing surfaces of a crankshaft.

mitutoyo-sj-210-portable-profilometer-surface-roughness-detectors-dimensions.jpeg mitutoyo-surftest-sj-210-surface-finish-roughness-profilometer-dimension-display-drive-unit-.jpeg

Staging Accessories

Staging accessories are available for many portable testers that allow the stylus to be carefully or accurately positioned on the workpiece. These include accessories to allow the tester (drive unit) to be mounted on a height gage or mag base or nose guards that allow the tester to measure along the axis of a diameter. The availability of accessories to stage the part or tester may be a determining factor in selecting a portable tester. 

Surface Finish Parameters

Surface finish parameters seem to have grown geometrically since the introduction of digital equipment. Ideally, a parameter gives the manufacturer some insight into how a part will perform during real-world service.

Some parameters are easily understood, such as peak count, which gives an indication of how well paint will adhere to a surface. Other parameters seem to be the invention of someone working on their Ph.D. thesis.

From the point of view of selecting a portable surface finish tester, it is necessary to ensure your selection will provide the results required by the print specs.

Common surface finish parameters include: Ra, Ry, Rz, Rq, R3z and Rt.



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Transverse tracing drive unit (4mN type) Display Model with 6 Month Warranty.

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