CMM and VMM Probing Systems

A CMM or VMM measuring machine allows you to get exact measurements of an object. These measuring systems are useful for many purposes, such as reverse engineering or getting precise measurements of parts and components.

CMM and VMM: What’s the Difference?

CMM stands for coordinate measuring machine, and VMM stands for vision measuring machine. A CMM is used to measure the precise distance between two coordinates on a 3D object. A VMM is a non-contact measuring machine that uses optical elements, sensors and software to perform its precision measurements.

CMM and VMM machines are useful in many industries, especially for reverse engineering functions. Someone who runs a company might want to make a product that is very similar to that of the competition, but without infringing any patents. However, sometimes there is no way for you to know what the competition has done unless you have used a measuring machine to know the precise dimensions of the components that make up the product. That’s where CMM and VMM technology can be crucial.

Even for your own internal use, these machines can help you reduce the amount of excess scrap material your operations produce when manufacturing parts -- making your business more productive by cutting back on waste.

Plus, CMM and VMM devices can be used to give you measurements down to the smallest detail. They come in various sizes depending on your needs, and some models are also portable.

Who Needs CMM and VMM Machines?

Any company in just about any industry can benefit from the precise measurements that CMM & VMM measuring machines provide. You can copy or study any item or part, with fast results because CMM and VMM machines allow you to take highly accurate measurements in moments. When you are ready to study or copy a certain object, you can easily use those measurements to make your own replicas for further study, testing or any other use.

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