An Industry Comparison of Metrology

Metrology is the study of measurements, and it is used in a variety of different industries including engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. In engineering, metrology is used for structural analysis, and in manufacturing, it is used for quality control and to help cut down on wasted material. Within the aerospace industry, metrology is used to help construct different products, and for the energy sector, it assists with energy distribution. For the healthcare industry, metrology is utilized to create intricate health products and devices. Take time to learn about how metrology is used across a multitude of different industries.



At its simplest, metrology is the theoretical and practical use of the science of measurement. Metrology can be used for many different functions, all of which involve measurement standards that lead to superior quality control no matter what industry is involved.

Types of Metrology

The field of metrology encompasses several different categories that we use at Metrology Parts to find the best metrology solutions for your manufacturing needs. The types include:

  • Dimensional - to check diameters, lengths, spacing, shape and position
  • Form - for symmetrical pieces
  • In-process - continually checks pieces during production
  • Optical shaft measuring - for maximum quality control
  • Optical surface - detects the smallest surface flaws
  • Roughness and contour - to check for high precision and accuracy

Industries That Benefit From Metrology

All types of manufacturing industries can benefit from our measuring instruments, which improve accuracy across the board during the production process. Measuring instruments are essential for CNC machinery by ensuring that the movements of lathes, welders, grinders, milling machines, sampling machines and the like are operating according to computerized instructions.

Similarly, engineering benefits from metrology solutions, particularly in the area of CAD modeling, which assists with structural analysis and the creation of new reliable building material.

The aviation and aerospace industries also require precise measurements for essential airplane components like turbines and landing gears. Aircraft components must work and fit together properly. Our measurement methods help ensure that not only are working parts properly designed but that interior aircraft spaces also meet the challenges of today's travelers.

In the field of medical technology, improvement occurs daily in the manufacture of new medical and optical devices. High-precision and efficient technologies enable even the smallest components in medical devices to be manufactured in the most cost-effective ways possible through precise measurement standards.

Companies that are involved in trade benefit from legal metrology methods. Measuring instruments that ensure the accuracy of scales and other devices used in the sale of bulk goods.